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Register Center is publicly available. From the movable property register, you can get information about liens on motor vehicles, for example, if you know the registration number, person’s liens, if you have the birth number (payment note in the movable register) and liens on a company, if you have the business number or organization number.

You can also get information about liens on companies and people even if you only know the name, but then you need to be prepared for it to take longer.

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It is also possible to obtain the above information in the form of a mortgage certificate against paying a fee. The Namugar Register Center provides all information on mortgages, mortgages, company certificates, bankruptcies and resolutions, and public debt schemes and covenants. The Namugar Register Center also has a long-term view of the accounts of those companies that have a reporting obligation to the Register. 

Information provides information on the payment note being on individuals.

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Upon written request you can receive an overview of your own remarks against paying a fee in the form of postal charges. Banks and other financial institutions will also be able to check in to see if a person has payment notes. A notification that such a request has been made will be sent to the requested person. The notification shall state who has ordered the information and where the information was obtained from.

Public tax data Credit in form offers credit assessment of companies and individuals.

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The company also offers creditors online and others who need it in their credit rating. For a small fee, Creditinform also provides information directly to individuals and companies on request. The information contains information on residence, tax assessment, payment notes and overview of debts and, if applicable, whether the debt is for debt collection, if there is a judgment, etc.

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