Credit with or without credit record? So we find the answer


When negative credit record characteristics make it difficult or impossible to take out a “normal” loan, the credit without credit record almost automatically comes into focus as an alternative.

What makes a loan without credit record?

What makes a loan without credit entry?

The designation already reveals the peculiarity: While in traditional loans a credit record query belongs to the credit check, the credit record information plays no role in the credit recordfreien variant. In addition, credit record free financing is not registered with the credit record.

Regular loans are cheaper

Regular loans are cheaper

For a loan without credit record the hurdles are lower – but the interest rates are usually higher than with a normal financing. The abandonment of the credit record query means in principle an increased risk for the bank. And this risk can be paid by the financial institution in the form of higher interest rates.

That is why lending companies is in the interest of our customers: Regular and therefore cheaper loans always have priority . After all, we want to achieve the best possible solution in every single case.

What to do with a negative credit record?

What to do with a negative credit entry?

Creditors come to us daily, who would like to take out a normal loan – but they are sure that they can not receive such a loan. Often, those affected have already received a number of cancellations from their house bank and other providers.

So it is understandable that the credit without credit record appears as the only alternative – but it is often not. Because lending companies finds in many cases even with negative credit record characteristics a cheap regular loan.

The special working method of our credit professionals makes it possible: With your request at lending companies, you gain access to smaller private banks whose business policy differs substantially from the major banking groups.

Probably the most important difference: there is no “mass processing” and no computer-controlled automatic rejection of negative credit record characteristics. At lending companies and its banking partners, the focus is always on the person behind the loan request. With a little good will, very customer-friendly and unbureaucratic solutions can often be realized.

So you get a fair chance at lending companies, even if everyone else has already declined their credit.

The 2 step plan for your loan

To help you quickly and easily, lending companies works according to the 2-step plan:

  • In the first step , we look for a regular loan with credit record for you – even if you think you have no chance because of a “negative credit record”. We often prove the opposite. And you can not be worried: Your request is not only guaranteed free of charge, but also credit record-neutral. If we find a cheap credit for you, you will receive your personal offer by mail within a few hours. Then you will also receive your documents by mail – of course not cash on delivery, but 100 percent free directly in your mailbox.
  • If our credit experts do not find a loan for you in the first step, Phase 2 starts. Now it’s about realizing a fair loan without credit record . Again, we are looking again for the cheapest financing for you. And again, you get your offer 100% free.

The big advantage for you: If we do not find a conventional loan for you, we will try it automatically with a credit record alternative. You do not have to make a new request to save valuable time.

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